2. Played at the 10/14/95 Rape Crisis Center Benefit at the County Bowl in Santa Barbara, CA

4. Opened for Toad at Michigan's Ionia Fair on 8/1/95, a show that was halted twice due to torrential rains.

6. Have played 7 shows together so far including the 4th Of July '95 show which was in Canada, not the USA!

8. Opened for Toad at Millersville University, PA on 4/8/95. Hootie left this tour early to go to the Masters and this band filled in on short notice.

10. Two separate shows were planned for Tempe, AZ on 8/1/94 but Toad's venue was abruptly shut down due to a shooting incident earlier that month so they joined up with Evan Dando's band at the Club Rio.

12. BREAD & CIRCUS had just been released when Toad opened for the son of Bob Marley at the Santa Barbara County Bowl on 8/6/89.

14. BREAD & CIRCUS had yet to be released when Toad opened for Jane's Addiction at UC Santa Barbara's Harding Stadium on 5/6/89.

16. Toad finished off a busy summer of touring by opening for one of their favorite singer/songwriters at the Roxy in Hollywood, CA on 9/22/90.

18. Toad helped out El Rescate by performing at a post-Oscars benefit party with this fellow Santa Barbara resident on 3/29/93 at the Mondrian Hotel.

20. Before their tour with the B-52s began, Toad opened for this British socialist singer at PT Flags in Baltimore on 11/2/89.

22. Toad's first major tour of Europe began with an opening gig for the rockers from down under at the Empire in London on 8/31/94.

24. Adam Duritz was on the Toad mailing list before he joined this band who shared the bill with Toad at the WHFS Fest at RFK Stadium on 5/14/94.

26. The New Jersey heart-throb joined Toad for "Rock And Roll All Night" at the Z100 Acoustic Christmas at Madison Square Garden on 12/5/94.

28. Jakob Dylan's band was fairly unknown when they opened for Toad at the U Of Miami (Ohio) on 3/23/93 and Evansville U (Indiana) on 3/25/93.

30. Toad needed an opening act for their 4/15/93 show at the USA's oldest university, William & Mary, and this band from Virginia filled the bill.

1. From 10/17/94 to 11/19/94

3. From 4/24/95 to 5/30/95

5. From 11/26/94 to 12/17/94

7. From 5/20/92 to 6/5/92

9. From 3/2/95 to 4/5/95

11. From 8/21/92 to 12/11/92

13. From 6/14/94 to 6/30/94

15. From 3/12/90 to 4/12/90

17. From 10/12/89 to 10/20/89

19. From 11/9/89 to 12/15/89

21. From 7/6/94 to 7/22/94

23. From 8/1/94 to 8/15/94

25. From 3/19/92 to 5/7/92

27. From 8/4/95 to 8/31/95

29. From 4/18/97 to 6/6/97